RE: [xsl] OK, stupid Q time

Subject: RE: [xsl] OK, stupid Q time
From: "Chen, Gin" <Gin_Chen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 11:17:38 -0500
I've always seen it as <desc>I need help&lt;br&gt;I need help really
But i dont know how the XSLT that ur probably going to use to translate it
to actual HTML will handle that (as an HTML <br> or a String '<br>');

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Subject: [xsl] OK, stupid Q time

I know I've done this.

I know I've seen this.

But I can't find nor remember how to do this!

How can I embed an '<BR>' (minus the quotes) in an element?


   <desc>I need help<br>I need help really bad!</desc>



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