[xsl] character entities

Subject: [xsl] character entities
From: Brigit van Loggem <brigit@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 11:43:49 +0100
Dear List,

I'm sure this is a terrible newbie question but I'm at my wits' end and
beginning to mildly panic <g>...

Is there *any* way to stop XMLSpy from resolving my character entities?

I am using it for XSLT transformations. My source XML is validated against
a DTD that references a number of .ent files, containing numerous character
entities. The source displays with al the entities in place (&ouml;, &mgr;
etc). However the result of the transformation no longer contains them but
tries to resolve them. That's definitely not what I need! (Also, many of
them are replaced with an underscore, and I don't understand what the
warning message is trying to tell me.)

Please help, someone, I must send something to a customer and I just cannot

Thank you very much,
-Brigit van Loggem

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