Re: [xsl] character entities

Subject: Re: [xsl] character entities
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 12:38:17 GMT
> that lists the mappings between character numbers and
> entities.

That assumes that the entities do correspond to characters so that you
can do this as a linearisation option; just asking that certain character
numbers are output as entity references. (Of course you may think that
the subject line above alows you to make that assumption, but it's best
never to assume anything:-)

Taking a random example from the dtd on which I use that shell script,
how would you tell the serialiser to output

<input><arg>BL</arg> must contain the lower bounds and <arg>BU</arg> the
upper bounds, for all the constraints in the following order.  The first
<maths><var>n</var></maths> elements of each array must contain the
bounds on the variables, the next
<maths><var>n</var>_{<var>L</var>}</maths> elements the bounds for the
general linear constraints (if any) and the next
<maths><var>n</var>_{<arg>N</arg>}</maths> elements the bounds for the
general nonlinear constraints (if any).  To specify a non-existent lower
bound (&ie; <maths><var>l</var>_{<var>j</var>} = -\infty</maths>), set
<maths><ar><arg>BL</arg><af><var>j</var></af></ar> \leq -bigbnd</maths>,
and to specify a non-existent upper bound (&ie;
<maths><var>u</var>_{<var>j</var>} = +\infty</maths>), set
<maths><ar><arg>BU</arg><af><var>j</var></af></ar> \geq bigbnd</maths>;
the default value of <maths>bigbnd</maths> is <maths>10^{20}</maths>,
but this may be changed by the optional parameter <bold>Infinite Bound
Size</bold> (see <xref type="sec" id="op-description"/>).  To specify
the <maths><var>j</var></maths>th constraint as an
<italic>equality</italic>, set
<maths><ar><arg>BL</arg><af><var>j</var></af></ar> =
<ar><arg>BU</arg><af><var>j</var></af></ar> = \beta</maths>, say, where
<maths>|\beta | &lt; bigbnd</maths>.</input><cons><list
\leq <ar><arg>BU</arg><af><var>j</var></af></ar></maths>, for
<maths><var>j</var> =
| &lt; bigbnd</maths> when
<maths><ar><arg>BL</arg><af><var>j</var></af></ar> =
<ar><arg>BU</arg><af><var>j</var></af></ar> =

as &e04BL-a; ?

The NAG DTD has thousands (literally) of these beasties...


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