[xsl] multiple source...

Subject: [xsl] multiple source...
From: "gabor farkas" <xlat@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 10:53:38 +0100

i'm creating some formatting_objects documents... so basically i have an xml
file, which i convert using an xsl file into an another xml and then i
render that xml into pdf...

the problem is that the xml=>pdf renderer only accepts one input xml file...

so i have these options:

1.write the whole document ( 70-100 pages ) in one xml file.....
2.use some xml + xsl magic to assemble one document from many xml files...

i didn't like the 1st option, so i tried the 2nd..

the problem is that i want the parts of the xml document to be complete (
and validatable ) xml files, which could be converted into pdf alone...

the document consisft of chapter1.xml chapter2.xml chapter3.xml ... now i
want to be able to create with xsl a final xml-fo document which can be
converted into pdf...
but.. i also want to be able to convert just chapter1.xml into pdf ( after a
middle step ofcourse )..

so i tried the doctype-entity thing.... it didn't work because i got
"multiple dtd's" errors...

then i tried to use the xsl's document() function .... i used special tags
in the main-document.. like <externalfile src="chapter1.xml"/> ... and in
the xsl i opened the file and parsed it...it seemed to work but it didn't
work on complex things... for example at the end of the document i create a
table of pictures ... so i do something like <xsl:value-of
select="count(//pic)" /> and this of course doesn't work because it won't
parse the external files.....

any ideas how to solve this?

gabor farkas

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