[xsl] [Announcement] new version of catchXSL! - the XSLT-profiler

Subject: [xsl] [Announcement] new version of catchXSL! - the XSLT-profiler
From: magdalena.piller@xxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 15:48:10 +0100 (CET)
hello xsl-folks,

eCube has just released a new version of catchXSL! - the XSLT profiler.
V1.1 comes with the following cool new features:

- profiling output as XML: The new option "-format xml" presents the
profiling results as XML. For better evaluating the results you can now
define your own view to extract the information you want.

- explicit output of template run-times: You'll now get the sum of run-times
for each individual style-instruction. This listing is a kind of 'code
coverage' where you see your xsl-source with the run-times next to it.

Check out the new features at http://www.xslprofiler.org.

We are looking more than forward to your comments!

Have fun!
The catchXSL! development team.

P.S. Next version to come will shine with a swing gui!

Magdalena Piller
  eCube GmbH, Muenchen
  Phone: +49 89 383892-39
  Fax:   +49 89 383892-99

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