RE: [xsl] One texdocument in and several xmldocuments out?

Subject: RE: [xsl] One texdocument in and several xmldocuments out?
From: Tove Nilstun <tove.nilstun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 15:37:53 +0200
Thank you Zack for your quick reply. I think that you might have
misunderstood my question though and I realise that I've probably posted my
question to the wrong list.

My problem is not how to generate several outputfiles from one XMLfile, but
rather how to generate several XMLfiles from one inputfile.

If this is the wrong list, does anyone know of a corresponding list for XML?


>Absolutely. Just create one XSLT file for each output file you desire.
>Then run the XML through your parser once for each XSLT file you've
>Be well,
>"I have a user guide (written in MS Word) with both text and pictures. I
>would like to 1. convert this document to several xml documents, one per
>headline and 2. create an additional xml file containing an index of the
>files created in step one.
>Is this possible?"

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