Re: [xsl] One texdocument in and several xmldocuments out?

Subject: Re: [xsl] One texdocument in and several xmldocuments out?
From: Robert Koberg <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 06:43:14 -0700

Zack Brown wrote:

On Mon, May 06, 2002 at 01:28:51PM +0200, Tove Nilstun wrote:


I am a total beginner when it comes to XML, but in order to start working
with it, there are two things I need to sort out.

I have a user guide (written in MS Word) with both text and pictures. I
would like to 1. convert this document to several xml documents, one per
headline and 2. create an additional xml file containing an index of the
files created in step one.

Is this possible?

Absolutely. Just create one XSLT file for each output file you desire. Then run the XML through your parser once for each XSLT file you've created

You do not need an XSLT file for each page.

First you have to get the MSWord doc into XML. THere are a few products out there that convert Word to docbook or some other XML. A neat trick we found when building our MSIE-based editor was that you could paste a MSWord doc into an element that has contentEditable="true". IE converts this to HTML. We use JS to convert it to XML on the client, but you could use Tidy to get well-formed HTML (XML). Then hopefully there are clean separations to indicate where a new page should start. Apply-templates (loop) on each page division and (you can) use extension functions built into Saxon or Xalan to create multiple output documents from one source.


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