RE: [xsl] Output of a Jscript variable

Subject: RE: [xsl] Output of a Jscript variable
From: "Stuart Celarier" <stuart@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 10:55:02 -0700
Use a 'return' statement.

RTFM: Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 4.0 / XSLT Reference / XSLT
Elements / msxsl:script Element; see the example. This help file is
provided with the MSXML SDK, on the MSDN Library CD and on-line at


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Subject: [xsl] Output of a Jscript variable

i have an XSL with that script:

<msxsl:script language="JavaScript" implements-prefix="fct">  var
xfils=new Array();  var xnum=new Array();  var dernier=0;  var CPTnum=0;
function FnNewFils(valeur) {    dernier=dernier+1;
xfils[dernier]=valeur;    CPTnum=CPTnum+1;    xnum[dernier]=CPTnum;
return xfils[dernier];  }  function FnRemoveFils() {    if (dernier !=
0) {       dernier=dernier-1;    }  } </msxsl:script>

could you tell the way to output the value of xfils[dernier] or
xnum[dernier] ? 



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