Re: [xsl] CDATA block to node set.

Subject: Re: [xsl] CDATA block to node set.
From: Morten Primdahl <morten@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 22:31:44 +0200

I know that my question may seem that of a delusional madman. But I'm well aware of what CDATA is, I had just hoped to access it the same way one can access data from a URL:

<xsl:template match="xmlref">
  <xsl:variable name="content" select="document(@url)/*"/>
   <!-- do stuff here -->

I've devised a small compositional query language based on XSLT,
purely for academic reasons. It looks like:

  xslquery  := <xmlref url="..."/> | <xmldata> XML </xmldata> |

The DTD:

  <!DOCTYPE xslquery [
    <!ELEMENT xslquery (select|xmlref|xmldata)>
    <!ELEMENT select   (xslquery, from)>
    <!ELEMENT from     (xslquery)>
    <!ELEMENT xmldata  (#PCDATA)>
    <!ELEMENT xmlref   EMPTY>
    <!ATTLIST xmlref url CDATA #REQUIRED>

I asked because the case where the xmldata holds another xslquery
can be possible. Usually the xmldata element holds just source
XML, which is why the CDATA approach was chosen, so I could parse
the query for well-formedness. But in cases where the content is
indeed an xslquery, I would like to be able to process that,
compiling it into the target language (eg. Java).

I guess my best bet is to

1. Make my xsltql2java.xsl compiler stylesheet namespace aware.
2. Use an XSL Schema with lax parsing on the xmldata element and
   ditch the DTD.



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