RE: [xsl] XSLT/XPath 2.0 (was "Identifying two tags...")

Subject: RE: [xsl] XSLT/XPath 2.0 (was "Identifying two tags...")
From: "bryan" <bry@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 14:12:31 +0200
(I was going to not post this but then I noticed all the push-back this
thread was getting)

David Carlisle wrote:
> So what is needed is not conformance levels by which to grade
> implementations but "processing modes" by which to control
> schema use (or more often useful, non-use).

I think this touches on something I expressed a wish for some months
back, although probably the expression was lacking in coherency what
with my awful coffee problems, would it be possible to have the
"processing-modes by which to control schema use (or more often useful,
non-use)"  be elastic enough that a vendor could specify what validation
language they implement. I know this might lead to some fragmentation
but I don't think it would be too terrible, obviously Microsoft would
support Xml Schema, as would Saxon, Xalan and the major processors;
however I think there might be a chance that Xalan would support Relax
NG(seems like the Apache thing to do) and that would make me soooo
happy(I've got a tear in my eye just thinking about this) I also expect
that SUN would come with a processor that supported them all, and think
about what weirdness might be possible if you had a specialized
processor built on top of msxml coming from topologi or some such with
support for schematron - oh man I feel like I've been doing helium! 

[Next Bit]

Okay, some of the other concerns addressed on the list a propos xml
schema is applicable to this as well. Evan says Xml Schema is going to
be in there; 
I'm one of the Xml Schema disparagers, just last week I was talking with
some database guys at a major international firm that were using Xml
Schema to validate their Xml Instances, or rather trying's sad
to see grown men cry about technically complex matters... damn I
thought, a few lines of schematron would fix their problems. I think W3C
is being wrongheaded in the way it attempts to gain adherents for Xml
Schema, by saddling a heretofore successful technology XPath with it as
That said, is there a working Xml Schema for Xslt yet? James Clark
suggested that one reason for Trex was that he couldn't find a way to
represent Xslt in Xml Schema. If there is not one, doesn't it seem
strange to base schema integration in a language with a type of schema
that cannot describe that language, given that the language is an
application of another language the schema format is meant to describe?
What if I want to process Xslt using Xslt, do I derive any benefit? Not
to say that I ever would with Relax NG but still.

Okay I think I've probably been wrongheaded at several points in this
post myself but I sometimes feel I'm watching a train wreck in slow
motion taking place somewhere in the clouds above the Grand Canyon,

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