Re: [xsl] newbie question about using saxon

Subject: Re: [xsl] newbie question about using saxon
From: Joerg Heinicke <joerg.heinicke@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 12:51:04 +0200
Hello Dmitri,

the saxon namespace has nothing to do with using saxon for transformation. Only *if* you use saxon, the processor will provide some extra stuff like extension functions,
e.g. <xsl:value-of select="saxon:node-set($rtf)"/>

But which processor you are using, can't be chosen from the stylesheet. It depends from your "framework" or "development environment". For example, if you use IE for viewing and transforming XML, MSXML is used. If you use Cocoon, Xalan is the default transformer (can be changed).

What are you using?


dmitri kerievsky schrieb:
how is full saxon used in an xsl document?
i see one example where it is included in the xsl document as xmlns:saxon="";

is this correct?

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