RE: [xsl] XPath: excluding a descendant

Subject: RE: [xsl] XPath: excluding a descendant
From: "Hahn, Andrea" <a.hahn@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 13:19:53 +0200
Hello David and Michael, 

thanks for your answers and sorry for my bad explanation! I am not sure if the empty template is really the way to go, though, because the "everything else" is my problem. To illustrate this a bit better: from the XML fragment below, I want to create some "dump" output like "6.5.1995 Smith somedescription Ireland 100.0" (just some example), but excluding the "29.16" of <LongitudeDecimal>. All of the elements are in the same namespace. So what I am casting around for is how to form the predicate in a way that I get any data from <Gathering> and below, except for that one.
I had been thinking that 
<xsl:apply-templates select="abcd:Gathering[not(.//*[self::abcd:LongitudeDecimal])]"/> 
would be the way to go; but this snipps all the content from the <Site> node and below as soon as a <LongitudeDecimal> exists (which is optional), not just the <LongitudeDecimal> element itself. I guess this is something really stupid, but I don't seem to be able to solve it. Thanks for your patience!


      <LocalityText>some description</LocalityText>

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Subject: RE: [xsl] XPath: excluding a descendant

> The aim:
> For providing some quick-and-dirty html output, just making 
> sure all data are in there somehow, I want to "dump" all 
> content below a certain node (not the root element) to the 
> screen. There is, however, one sub-sub-sub-node whose 
> contents I want to display on its own in a more structured 
> way, and I do not want it duplicated in the dump. Following 
> the suggestions I could find for selecting all children 
> except for one in the FAQ I constructed this:
> <xsl:apply-templates 
> select="abcd:Gathering[not(self::LongitudeDecimal)]"/>

This will process all the abcd:Gathering elements that are not
LongitudeDecimal elements. Of course, none of them are.

Without seeing the structure of your XML I find it difficult to tell you
the correct code.

But the simplest way of not processing a particular element (and its
children/descendants) is to write an empty template rule for it:

<xsl:template match="LongitideDecimal"/>

Michael Kay

> where Gathering is the top node for the dump, and 
> Gathering/GatheringSite/SiteCoordinates/LongitudeDecimal the 
> one node I would want _not_ to display. This does not work at 
> all, I guess because the element-to-exclude is not a child, 
> but a descendant (?). If I change the line above to 
> "...not(descendant::...", I get a different effect: not 
> excepting the one element from the output, but just testing 
> on presence of the node, with everything being displayed when 
> "LongitudeDecimal" does not exist, but nothing when it does. 
> How can I achieve to always display everything, always 
> without the Longitude-content?
> Thanks,
> Andrea
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