[xsl] how to count nodes in the old WD-xsl namespace

Subject: [xsl] how to count nodes in the old WD-xsl namespace
From: Meir Yanovice <umen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 21:21:41 +0200
Hello list
well first of all to all of the people that gona say ..why you just don't
change to the new namespace
well the answer is simple ... i can't its old system at work and it still
need to work with the old namespace.
to my problem :
im building html table from giving xml , now its all nice and working the
thing is now that
i need every say .. 2 parent nods insert new table row that is contracted
from different part of the xsl
that thing is that with the old WD-xsl the count() function don't work .and
i really limited
how can i count 2 records nodes ( in for-each loop ) and then zero back the
count and so on....
hope you got my point here

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