Re: [xsl] fo:block-container question: Put in different words

Subject: Re: [xsl] fo:block-container question: Put in different words
From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 11:37:34 -0400
7At 2003-09-10 07:05 -0700, Abhijit Junnare wrote:
So is there any solution to my problem.

No. There is no XSL-FO solution for the general case.

To put it in
simple words I am trying to achieve something like
I want to draw a box that contains text. I would like
to place this box in any absolute position in a page
and then I would like the rest of the content on this
page to the sides of this block. For eg. If I have a
page that iss 12 cms in height and 10 cms wide. I draw
the box is 4 cm x 4 cm and i place it exactly in the
center of the page then I will be having about 4 cms
of continous text flowing above the box, then some
text flowing to the right and left of the box for next
4 cms and again about 4 cms of continous text flowing
after the box. So is there any solution for this?

For a centred box in a table with some restrictions, Eliot Kimber dreamed up a convoluted combination of properties that *sometimes* works:

Also I would be using FOP to generate the PDF so need
something that is implemented in FOP.

Then I think you are out of luck.

.................... Ken

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