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From: Kobayashi <koba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 12:28:27 +0900
I will forward a mail from Asmus Freytag. If you will have
find any errata, please inform to asmus@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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>>For background, Annex 14 is very permissive, implicitly allowing line 
>>breaks wherever they are not explicitly disallowed and does not, for 
>>example, disallow breaks following closing punctuation, allowing for 
>>example, this break:
>>g., a thing"
>>That is, Annex 14 allows this break, even though it would be wrong in any 
>>Western language I'm familiar with.
>However, the statement is incorrect. UAX#14 allows breaks after closing 
>punctuation, but not if it precedes alphabetic characters.
>There are no breaks in "e.g.", but there is a break in "...tailoring.
>These...", since there is a space after the ".".

After I wrote the reply, I checked and found out that (contrary to what I 
remembered) UAX#14 does appear to allow such breaks. However, that is an 
oversight, not a design decision, and I've started steps to fix that.

I will propose at the next UTC that this gets fixed by adding a rule 19b

         IS x AL

and changing the appropriate cell from _ to % in the pair table.

If there are other errata for the report, I would be interested in finding 
out about them.


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