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Subject: Re: [xsl] ANN: Lantern 1.0
From: "Emmanuil Batsis (Manos)" <mbatsis@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 16:46:57 +0300

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Vinod Agarwal.

Frederic Laurent <fl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 09/25/2003
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Hello all,

I am pleased to announce Lantern 1.0 [1].
Lantern is an OpenSource software which allows users to load XML documents
and then test XPath [2] expressions and functions.

The features of Lantern comply to the following:
 - to be a simple and lightweight software which does nothing but XPath
 - to produce an immediate graphical result (selected nodes and context
 node are highlighted);
 - to be namespaces aware;
 - to allow the user to set a context node, thus to test expressions
 related to this node;
 - to embed a short documentation about XPath;
 - to allow the user to test XPath functions easily;
 - to display the XML document in the same format as it is stored in the
 file (ie: not as an ugly tree widget);
 - to be available as an open source, platform independent software.

Lantern addresses :
 - XPath and XSLT developers who would like to find the right XPath
 expression without
   developing test cases,
 - trainers who wish to illustrate their course with a graphical tool.


[1] [2]

-- Frédéric Laurent

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