Re: [xsl] Parameters query

Subject: Re: [xsl] Parameters query
From: Mukul Gandhi <mukulgw3@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 13:54:25 -0700 (PDT)
I believe you are using "<xsl:param .." to pass
parameters to XSLT. XSLT spec does'nt mention *how*
xsl:param will be implemented by the XSLT processors..
Its just a syntax specified for the XSLT language.
Different XSLT processors must be using their own data
structures to implement these language elements..  For
e.g. a Java XSLT processor might use a
java.lang.String object to store the xsl:param value..
So the limit of data you can pass as xsl:param for a
Java XSLT processor can be the size limit of

To know the limit of xsl:param, I would suggest to
experiment by passing in parameter values of varying
sizes, and seeing at what point the stylesheet
misbehaves.. At this point you would know the size
limit of values you can pass..

If you wish to pass in very large sized data as
parameters, you may store the data in XML files, and
access them within the XSL using the document()

It seems to me that 50K data should be *too large* to
pass as xsl:param. It may be possible ;) but may be
inconvenient to use as xsl:param. You may consider
structuring such larage parameter values as external
XML files, and use the document() function..

Regarding the 2nd question, I believe you can pass
legal string values..(continuous sequence of
characters i.e. no spaces should be ok). 


--- David Pratt <dave.pratt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have been passing in parameters to xslt from my
> applications but have
> been limiting this to small values ie. Numberic or
> text to use
> dynamically in the transformations.  Trouble is, I
> am not clear about
> the potential or possibilities of using parameters
> for more.
> Questions are:
> 1) How large a value can you pass into a parameter
> value? For example,
> could it be a 50K block of text and not kill the
> processor.
> 2) If you were going to pass in certain types of
> text, I assume you
> would have to use a method for escaping quotes, etc.
> Can someone elaborate on this for me so that I am
> clear of any
> limitations in this regard.
> Many thanks.
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