[xsl] java - standard implementation of the URIResolver

Subject: [xsl] java - standard implementation of the URIResolver
From: "Robert Koberg" <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 10:26:22 -0700

I want to report my findings with regard to standard implementations of how
the method setURIReolver works in the popular Open Source java xsl
processors. From what I understand from past discussions is that the spec is
not clear on the issue. I was wondering if processor developers could get
together and decide either one way to implement the setURIResolver or do it
the way Saxon does by doing both (hopefully explained below). 

According to most API's you can set the URIResolver on the
TransformerFactory and on the Transformer. Generally, the resolver set on
the TransformerFactory resolves xsl:includes and xsl:imports. If set on the
Tranformer it resolves document() function calls.

- Saxon allows you to set the resolver on the TransformerFactory to resolve
both includes/imports and document(). 
It also lets you set one for the factory and one for the transformer. When
this is done the factory resolves include/import and the transformer
resolves document(). This is the best way, IMHO.

- jd.xslt only uses the TransformerFactory to be used for
xsl:include/xsl:import and document() resolution.

Strangely, the standard xalan and it's xsltc implementation do two different
- standard xalan requires you to use the TransformerFactory for xsl:include
and xsl:import and the Transformer for document()
- xsltc xalan uses the TransformerFactory for both xsl:include/xsl:import
and document() -- not the Transformer for document(), like the standard

Any chance of standardizing on one way? :)


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