[xsl] XPath expression to perform 'keyword' query

Subject: [xsl] XPath expression to perform 'keyword' query
From: Richard Lewis <richard.lewis@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 19:28:55 +0100
I'm using the Sablorton (v1.0) XSL processor (which implements XSLT 1.0) 
(because I'm working from PHP, its XSLT extensions only support this 

I've written a database-like XML document and I'm trying to write a stylesheet 
to do a 'keyword' query (i.e. a query where the user supplies a number of 
keywords and the system returns all the records which contain those words).

The elements which correspond to database records are called 'item' (its a 
record library) and they contain other elements nested to various levels 
which contain all the data that the keyword search needs to examine.

In the stylesheet I'm using an <xsl:for-each select="//item[...]"> element but 
I'm completely stuck as to what XPath expression I could use to select the 
correct records.

My attempts are not worth posting!

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.


PS. I may, if necessary move to the SAXON proessor (using XSLT 2.0) and use 
JSP instead of PHP.

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