RE: [xsl] creating html tables from cells

Subject: RE: [xsl] creating html tables from cells
From: "Whitney, Dan (CanWest Interactive)" <DWhitney@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 14:35:48 -0400
Yeah, I was going to ask another on an unrelated topic but I thought I'd
look a little further before coming here. Thanks for the link. I'll have a


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This is a classic beginner's question about grouping.

It's not actually on the RS element where you'll create your <tr> -- it's 
on every RI[@col='1'] (which may be every fourth RI, depending on your

See for all kinds of help.

(But you said you have two questions.)


At 11:06 AM 10/15/2003, you wrote:
>2 questions.
>I have the following xml structure:
><RI col="1">Row 1 - Column 1</RI>
><RI col="2">Row 1 - Column 2</RI>
><RI col="3">Row 1 - Column 3</RI>
><RI col="4">Row 1 - Column 4</RI>
><RI col="1">Row 2 - Column 1</RI>
><RI col="2">Row 2 - Column 2</RI>
><RI col="3">Row 2 - Column 3</RI>
><RI col="4">Row 2 - Column 4</RI>

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