[xsl] ANN: The first DSSSL book!

Subject: [xsl] ANN: The first DSSSL book!
From: David.Pawson@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 07:51:04 +0100
For those unaware, DSSSL is sometimes stated as being the
'parent' of XSL-FO.

If you are curious, there's now a book out. Find out what
the competition is.

Sorry if its off topic Tommie.

regards DaveP

Title: The DSSSL Book. An XML/SGML programming language
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISBN: 1-4020-7592-8
Amazon link: - long

"Note from Javier, the author :
As any human product, it may be better. While
reading the book as finally printed I have already detected some errata
that will be corrected for future editions.
I also think I can do better when explaining groves, and I will soon
be working on extending this
chapter for future editions. I ask any reader to contact me at
farreres@xxxxxxxxxx for any question, suggestion for enhancing the book
explanations, errors or errata detected in any place of the book."

Publishers announce below

The DSSSL Book
An XML/SGML Programming Language

Pub. Date: 10/03	   Pages: 346          ISBN: 1-4020-7592-8
List Price: 
USD 115.00
EUR 104.00
GBP 71.00
Javier Farreres
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

DSSSL defines a programming language derived from Scheme, a standard 
functional programming language. This language is a comprehensive, 
standardized approach to querying the content of a document, transforming 
the structure of documents, and providing style to documents. DSSSL support 
is also incorporated into most open source Linux via the OpenJade tool.

The DSSSL Book: An XML/SGML Programming Language provides comprehensive 
coverage of the language.  Its approach is practical with numerous examples 
and graphics explaining DSSSL concepts. The book covers the structure of a 
DSSSL document, its programming language, the groves data model, the query 
language, the transformation language and the style language.

Professionals rendering high-quality industrial-strength XML/SGML documents 
and Linux developers and documentation writers will find this book a prized 
reference source.  Individuals maintaining DSSSL stylesheets, and technical 
managers in all types of publishing will find in this book a way to give 
their documents a professional aspect, and a way to automate document 
processing in a modern way. Readers of the book will learn the necessary 
concepts to understand the DocBook DSSSL stylesheets and will learn the 
concepts on how to customize stylesheets. It is assumed that readers will 
be familiar with SGML.

1. Introduction.
2. The DSSSL Specification.
2.1. Architectural Forms.
2.2. The DSSSL Architectural Form.
2.3. Features.
2.4. Character Repertoires.
2.5. SGML Grove Plan.
2.6. External Specification.
2.7. Stylesheet Partitioning.
3. The Programming Language.
3.1. Introduction.
3.2. Expressions.
3.3. Data Types.
3.4. Repetitive Processing.
3.5. Standard Procedures.
3.6. Core Expression Language.
4. The Process of Grove Construction.
4.1. Introduction.
4.2. Property  Sets.
4.3. Intrinsic Data Types.
4.4. Intrinsic Properties.
4.5. Grove Plans.
4.6. The SGML Property Set.
4.7. The Grove.
4.8. Classes of the SGML Propset.
5. The Standard Document Query Language (SDQL).
5.1. Introduction.
5.2. Query Language Datatypes.
5.3. Node Procedures.
5.4. Property Procedures.
5.5. Exercises.
6. The Transformation Process.
6.1. Introduction.
6.2. Processing Model Overview.
6.3. The Transformer.
6.4. The Transformation Language.
6.5. Transformation Expressions.
7. The Style Process.
7.1 Introduction.
7.2. Tutorial of the Style Language.
7.3. Detailed Explanation of the Flow Object Classes.
7.4. Additional Classes.
7.5. Basic Example.
7.6. Catalog of Flow Object Classes.
A. Tools Supporting DSSSL.
A.1. dssslPrint.
A.2. OpenJade.

------Kluwer Academic Publishers, 101 Philip Dr., Norwell, MA  02061, Fax: 
781-681-9045, Tel: 781-871-6600, E-mail: Kluwer@xxxxxxxx

Regards DaveP.

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