[xsl] Images in block-containers

Subject: [xsl] Images in block-containers
From: "Skwirel Software Ltd" <mark@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 09:39:23 +0100

Thanks for the reply.

I have looked at background images, but they don't seem to be quite what I
want.  I need to have complete control over the position and size of the
image and I also need to be able to specify that it appear on eg first
page only, all but first and all pages.  I can do this in a block-container,
but I can't see how I would do this with a background image.

As an alternative, is it possible to place an image in a block-container
within the body text, but specify that it should appear on all pages, all
but first page or first page etc.

As for transparent image, I meant that the background colour of the image
should be made transparent (I believe most applications usually take left
corner pixel as background colour).

Thanks for any help.



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