SV: SV: [xsl] xsl doesnt produce valid xhtml

Subject: SV: SV: [xsl] xsl doesnt produce valid xhtml
From: "Thomas V. Nielsen" <verakso@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 00:00:04 +0200
What there is wrong as I can se it, is that your stylesheet isn't valid, and
I guess that is what your parser is trying to tell you

> I did this but it still isnt working, xtrans complains that 
> the <tr> tag 
> doesnt match the <xsl:when> tag, in other words its looking 
> for the closing 
> tag but not finding anything. I have tested it replacing teh 
> tr tags for 
> letter TR and the test produces valid xhtml???:

As you have found out for your self, then the problem lies in the missing
closing tag for <tr>.
It doesn't matter if it is tr or TR as long as the closing tag is spelled
the same way.

> 	  		<!--<tr align="Left"

Where is the closing tag?

I can see a bit of what you are trying but you need to de a bit of
refactoring on your stylesheet.
Remember that a stylesheet altso is XML and therefor needs to be valid, and
your stylesheet isn't


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