Re: [xsl] crossing out an image in fo?

Subject: Re: [xsl] crossing out an image in fo?
From: "Markus Gamperl" <markus.gamperl@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 14:28:00 +0100 (MET)

Thanks a lot for your help! This works well when i know the height of the
images (in some cases i know it, but there are also cases where i don't know
the image height...)

But i think XSL is not as powerful to solve this issue (getting the height
of the image) - isn't it?


> Markus Gamperl wrote:
> >>>image?
> >>
> >>You can try a block as overlay, using relative positioning.
> > Could you please give me further more information? - What do you mean
> with
> > relative positioning?
> You need to use block-container or inline-container. For 
> block-container, the basic pattern is:
> <fo:block-container>
>    <fo:block-container position="absolute">
>      <fo:block>This is the first block</fo:block>
>    </fo:block-container>
>    <fo:block-container position="absolute">
>      <fo:block>This is the second block. It should overprint the 
> first</fo:block>
>    </fo:block-container>
> </fo:block-container>
> The reason this works is that the outer block-container establishes a 
> new "reference area", that is, an area within which other areas are 
> positioned.
> The two inner block-containers use position="absolute" to indicate that 
> they are absolutely positioned relative to the boundaries of their 
> containing reference area. Because both inner block containers are 
> positioned at the same place (the default position is aligned with the 
> top and left of the containing reference areas) they overlay each other.
> By default, the Z-order (vertical stacking) is determined by source 
> order, so the second inner block-container has a higher Z-order than the 
> first block container.
> The same basic approach works with inline-container, the difference 
> being that the outer inline-container will be positioned within a 
> sequence of inline areas rather than as a block, as in the example 
> above. Here is a sample that works with XSL Formatter 2.5 (in my data 
> set, the graphic is a little icon about 10pt square):
>      <fo:block space-before="12pt"
>          font-size="12pt"
>      >this is before the inline graphic
>      <fo:inline-container
>          alignment-adjust="10pt"
>          inline-progression-dimension="12pt"
>      >
>        <fo:block-container position="absolute">
>          <fo:block>
>            <fo:external-graphic src="url(graphics/menu-icon.eps)"/>
>          </fo:block>
>        </fo:block-container>
>        <fo:block-container position="absolute">
>          <fo:block>
>            <fo:leader
>                color="red"
>                alignment-adjust="middle"
>                rule-thickness="1pt"
>                leader-length="12pt"
>                leader-alignment="reference-area"
>                leader-pattern="rule"/>
>          </fo:block>
>        </fo:block-container>
>      </fo:inline-container>
>      this is after the inline graphic.
>      </fo:block>
> [It may not work with XEP--I believe XEP implements all 
> absolutely-positioned blocks relative to the page's reference area. I 
> would be very surprised if it works with FOP.]
> Cheers,
> Eliot
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> W. Eliot Kimber
> Innodata Isogen
> eliot@xxxxxxxxxx
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