Re: [xsl] Selecting only one element using templates

Subject: Re: [xsl] Selecting only one element using templates
From: Richard Lewis <richard.lewis@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 13:35:52 +0000
> Basically my XML data structure allows elements to contain data or other
> elements, like so:
> <fruits>
>     <fruit>apple</fruit>
>     <fruit>banana</fruit>
>     <fruit>
>         <fruit>pear</fruit>
>         <color>green</fruit>
>     </fruit>
>     <fruit>
>         <fruit>orange</fruit>
>         <color>orange</color>
>     </fruit>
> </fruits>
This structure is slightly confusing; you have two 'fruit' nodes which mean 
different things.

Consider the following:



<fruit color="green">pear</fruit>

which are probably a bit clearer.

> I just wanted to select the fruit name using templates, but if I did this:
> <xsl:templates match="fruit">
> I get all fruit nodes(term?) and also the colors as well. So my output was:
> apple
> banana
> pear
> green
> orange
> orange
If you have an <xsl:apply-templates /> element in a <xsl:template match="..."> 
element then the child nodes will be processed as well.

If you want elements to be left out you can define empty templates for them:

<xsl:template match="color" />

Or if you use the second of the modified XML structures above you can use

<xsl:template match="fruit">

where the context will be the name of the fruit and @color will be its colour.

(You may also want to look at the <xsl:for-each> element.)


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