RE: [xsl] Too slow to process XML file over 1MB

Subject: RE: [xsl] Too slow to process XML file over 1MB
From: "Todd Baker" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 09:55:08 +1100
> My xml file has over 3000 such nodes. I am using less meaningful names
> such as N or D to cut the XML file size.   However the web 
> browser just
> can't load it.  What is wrong here?  I am so desperate here.

Ahhh.. Woops, im sorry, I had assumed you were parsing on the server but it
appears you are doing it in Internet Explorer.

All of our parsing is done via the MSXML 4 object in asp.

I cant really help you there as I havent had much experience parsing large
files within Internet Explorer. If you want to try it on an ASP server email
me off-list and I can provide you with some code to get going.

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