RE: [xsl] Too slow to process XML file over 1MB

Subject: RE: [xsl] Too slow to process XML file over 1MB
From: "Todd Baker" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 09:49:48 +1100
> That must be quite a system.  When you say "subsequent 
> parsing with XSL"
> I guess you're not doing a lot of work in the stylesheet? 

We have a CMS with (in this case) over 5000 assets... Typical parsing
involves creating navigation, building photo gallery's and displaying
content from a single stylesheet with about 5 included stylesheets to do
specific tasks (navigation etc). 

We had a lot of performance issues using //asset[@id=$var] to reference
individual assets but supplying the entire path to the target group
/content/assets/group[@name='news']//asset[@id=$var] improved things a lot
(with help from this lists archive :) ).

We now cache entire pages for this client as they have experienced periods
of EXTREME load where page render times can grow to over 5 sec... 

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