Re: [xsl] Element type "xsl:stylesheet" must be declared

Subject: Re: [xsl] Element type "xsl:stylesheet" must be declared
From: "Susan" <laborde@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 15:44:30 -0600
    Thank you.  My stylesheet isn't producing the results I want.  I didn't
include that entity declaration and wondered if that could be part of the
problem.  Clearly, it's not, but I wasn't sure because I didn't know why it
was there.  And I couldn't find an explanation anywhere.  Thanks so much for
your help.

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From: "David Carlisle" <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>

> Normally white space nodes in a stylesheet are dropped so you can indent
> your xsl:template instructions without putting white space in the
> result, so if you want to force a space then you need to go
> <xsl:text> </xsl:text>
> as xsl:text is the one place where white space is not dropped.
> If you are doing this a lot you could define the entity above
> and just use &sp; this will expand out to the xsl:text element
> before xslt starts, and so will result in a single space in the result.

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