Re: [xsl] Complex (i think) xpath match

Subject: Re: [xsl] Complex (i think) xpath match
From: Kevin Jones <kjones@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 23:04:53 +0000
Perhaps you meant to write,

"//RESULTS/RESULT[@doc='submitlead_notes_v2' and

Note the removal of "../" before xml/rs:data. According to the 
second XPath 'xml' is child of 'RESULT' not 'RESULTS' so there 
is no need to go back up one level.


On Tuesday 16 December 2003 22:46, Karl J. Stubsjoen wrote:
> Hi, trying something like the following:
> This following returns everything (does not work correctly):
> "//RESULTS/RESULT[@doc='submitlead_notes_v2' and
> ../xml/rs:data/z:row/@submitid=$submitid]"
> This following works:
> //RESULTS/RESULT[@doc='submitlead_notes_v2']/xml/rs:data/z:row
>[@submitid=$su bmitid]"
> It works, but I end up at the z:row portion of my tree and
> need to end up at the RESULT portion of my tree.  So, how can
> I do that?
> Karl
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