RE: Re: [xsl] Generating XML fragment to DOM node using XSL

Subject: RE: Re: [xsl] Generating XML fragment to DOM node using XSL
From: cknell@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 18:08:08 -0500
XSLT transforms one tree of nodes into another. That means that it doesn't do anything to the original document, ever. If you want to change the original document, you must serialize the output to file system, giving the new document the same name and path as the original.

It seems to me that what you are really after is DOM programming. You want to get a set of nodes from one document and append them to some element in a second document. For DOM programming, you may want to look at:
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>> I want the root node to be any currently existing element in
>> my DOM tree. I can control the choice of which node is my
>> parent in the destination tree, but if I try to put more than
>> one node under that parent element, I get this error, even
>> though I don't think the error is correct.
> Steve,
> Have you checked,
> specifically question 4 (merging two documents)?
> Cheers,
> Raman
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I hadn't seen that one, but it doesn't do what I'm after, either. My problem
is that I already have a DOM document that I want to insert into. I'm not
combining documents to make a whole new document.

It seems like all of the existing examples use this technique to combine
documents, rather than add a new nodes to an existing document, like I need
to do...

I'm starting to get the sinking feeling that what I need to do isn't
possible using XSLT alone, and I'm going to need to come up with some hack
the post-processes a new DOM tree and copies the results into the tree I
want. It's not the solution I was hoping for, but nothing better seems to be
presenting itself...


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