[xsl] stylesheet debug/dump

Subject: [xsl] stylesheet debug/dump
From: "Raffaele Sena" <raff@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 11:20:20 -0800
I am trying to cleanup a complex application where XSL and XML are getting
too complex.
I started by restructuring the XML, renaming and moving elements around. Now
I have the problem of matching the XSL to the new XML.

One of the problems is that I may have multiple XSL pages for each XML
"file" (the XML is actually automatically generated and tranformed).

And another problem is that some of the XML never matched the XSL (i.e.
attributes and/or element added just in case one day they were needed, or
XSL templates that look for attributes/elements that are never passed).

What I would really like is a tool that matches the XPaths referenced by an
XSL stylesheet with the path in an XML file.

Even something that would generate the list of XPaths referenced by an XSL
stylesheet will suffice (then it would be quite easy to parse an XML file,
generate paths for each node and match them with the paths in a stylesheet).

Does anybody know if such a tool for XSL exists ? Or has any suggestion of
how to write it or knows of any XSLT processor with an API that would allow
me to do that ?


-- Raffaele Sena

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