Re: [xsl] summing up incrementally

Subject: Re: [xsl] summing up incrementally
From: David Tolpin <dvd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2003 00:33:25 +0400 (AMT)
> Paul Tremblay: 
> 	I thought I was mistaken. But here is the quote:   
> 	 "One caveat about data conversion applications: today's XSLT 
> 	 processors all rely on holding the data in memory while the 
> 	 transformation is taking place. The tree structure in memory 
> 	 can be as much as ten times the original data size, so in 
> 	 practice, the limit on data size for an XSLT conversion is a 
> 	 few megabytes. Even at this size, a complex conversion can be   
> 	 quite time-consuming, it depends very much on the processing 
> 	 that you actually want to do."(p. 45. Kay, Michael, *XSLT 2nd 
> 	 edition. Programmer's Reference*: Arden House, Birmingham,    
> 	 Acock's Green, Canada, Wrox Press, 2001.)
> Michael Kay:
> 	You may have read "a few" as meaning "1 or 2", but that's not what I
> 	wrote. I was suggesting the heuristic "if you've got a 64Mb machine
> 	don't try to process more than about 6Mb of source data."

For those interested in streaming data through XSLT processors, the following
link might be useful:

The link describes 

  "a Java library that provides an object representation of a XML
  document designed to work with big XML documents. It is realized as a plugin to
  the XSLT processor jd.xslt and can especially be used to transform such big XML
  documents with XSLT."

The processor the quote above is talking about is jd.xslt,

David Tolpin

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