[xsl] Re: I believe!

Subject: [xsl] Re: I believe!
From: Joseph Kesselman <keshlam@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 17:28:16 -0500

>Recite after me: "I believe. I believe.  It's silly, but I believe.
>Everyone on XSL-List intends to be polite and should be treated
>politely in return. I believe. It's silly, but I believe."

That's a good new-year's resolution!

Folks may be tired or distracted or bothered by other things and be a bit
snappish as a result. Don't snap back -- that just gets into a flame war
and everyone loses! -- just clarify your note or ask for clarification of
their answer, as required. Or let someone else handle the remaining
unresolved questions, or let it rest and come back to it after folks have
calmed down.

(I'm not always great at this either -- I know I can be an officious SOB at
times -- but I'm trying to learn.)

Joe Kesselman, IBM Next-Generation Web Technologies: XML, XSL and more.
"The world changed profoundly and unpredictably the day Tim Berners Lee
got bitten by a radioactive spider." -- Rafe Culpin, in r.m.filk

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