Re: [xsl] FO cross references

Subject: Re: [xsl] FO cross references
From: Markus Abt <abt@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 21:20:13 +0100
Hi Elena,

> Hi Markus,
> thank you for your instructions.
> The fofile.xml seems to be correct as I get:
> <fo:block language="it" margin-left="3pt" font-size="10pt" 
> space-after="4pt" space-before="4pt" id="N4008BE" hyphenate="true">Per i 
> componeneti cfr. la sezione img
> (p.  <fo:page-number-citation ref-id="img"/>).
> </fo:block>
> and
>   <fo:block id="img" font-style="italic" font-size="14pt" 
> space-before="20pt" space-after="12pt"/>
> <fo:table>
> ...
> </fo:table>
Have you searched for id="img" in the FO document?
Maybe it is not unique.

Modify the fo:block in the FO to be non-empty, i.e.
<fo:block id="img" ... >bla bla</fo:block>
Then try step 2 (fop -fo ...) again.

> But when I try the second step I get:
> E The process ended with code : 2 The error was : [ERROR] 
> file:/C:/documenti/MAG/mag_2_0/Documentazione/Reference2.xml_xslt:10428:50 
> page-number-citation must contain "ref-id"
Could also be a Fop bug...

> I'm using FOP inside oXygen 5.1. The version of Xalan is 2.5.1, no idea 
> of the FOP version (I've looked everywhere...)
fop -v

I do not use oXygen.

If nothing helps, you may construct a minimalistic FO document with
only the required parts to convert the FO to PDF and mail it directly
to me (or post it to the list if it is not to big).


Markus Abt
Comet Computer GmbH

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