Re: [xsl] dyn:evaluate question

Subject: Re: [xsl] dyn:evaluate question
From: Colin Paul Adams <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 23 Mar 2005 13:33:27 +0000
>>>>> "Thorsten" == Thorsten Scherler <thorsten@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Thorsten> Hello list, I am trying to dynamically include a
    Thorsten> stylesheet like this: <xsl:variable
    Thorsten> name="request">index</xsl:variable> <xsl:include
    Thorsten> href="cocoon:/prepare.include.dyn:evaluate($request)"/>

    Thorsten> but the dyn:evaluate($request) -part will not get
    Thorsten> resolved.

    Thorsten> As soon I change it to <xsl:include
    Thorsten> href="cocoon:/prepare.include.index"/> I get my
    Thorsten> stylesheets.

    Thorsten> Am I using the dyn:evaluate wrong? Are there a
    Thorsten> workaround?

Another possibility is (if you are using an XSLT 2.0 processor, and
you can use Saxon 8 within Cocoon, so that is possible) to code a
series of xsl:include statement, each with a use-when attribute.

Of course, this will only work if there is a fixed set of possible
values for the request (and it sounds like there is, in your example).
Now, you cannot use a stylesheet parameter to pass in the request
value, because no variables are available when evaluating use-when.

But you CAN use system-property() function, with a Java system property (at least
with Saxon), so this might be possible for you.
Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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