Re: [xsl] XSLT in JDK1.5 from the command line

Subject: Re: [xsl] XSLT in JDK1.5 from the command line
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 14:24:52 -0500
At 01:58 PM 3/24/2005, Jirka wrote:
Is it possible to invoke an XSLT processor in JDK1.5 without any classpath at all?
With the JDK1.4 I can simply say
java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -V

I think that Sun changed package name to solve endorsed dir problems of JDK1.4. Try:


I guess I should have warned you guys I tried this and got a "main method not found" error when calling that class ... bummer.

I know it works with standalone JAXP 1.3, but this version is not the exactly same as one bundled with JDK1.5 :-(

Ah, this could be a significant bit of info.

Any more thoughts? (Has no one actually run a transform in JDK1.5, standalone, without external classes, from the command line? Hard to believe. I'm getting too close to the bleeding edge I guess ... even a proof by example that it's possible would be cool. :-)


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