Re: [xsl] output encoding problem (can't get UTF-8)

Subject: Re: [xsl] output encoding problem (can't get UTF-8)
From: "Joe Fawcett" <joefawcett@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 10:24:26 +0100
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Subject: RE: [xsl] output encoding problem (can't get UTF-8)

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Dmne: Re: [xsl] output encoding problem (can't get UTF-8)

Well it seems like your com object then. When you do this domXML.loadXML(o.Document)

You are loading a UTF-16 string, is that correctly represented by the com
object? Do you have the source for the com class?


I didn't know loadXML loads a UTF-16 string.. maybe that's the problem. Can't I specify that I want to read it as a UTF-8 string? (sorry that this has turned into a non XSL-question, but still it might interest someone later on how this apparent XSL problem was solved). I don't have the code, someone else has programmed it, but that I can ask the programmer and also get the code if I want. But I believe that the com gives me UTF-8. If it's interpreted as UTF-16, of course that will be a problem. :) So if the com object spits out UTF-16 everything should be fine?


Well loadXML takes a string and strings in VBScript are UTF-16 so I think that's the case. If your COM class returned DomDocument then you could use the load method and all would be well. If you can't change the internal workings of the COM class then you can load the string into an ADODB.Stream object and load that into the xmlDom. Then it won't matter about the encoding.



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