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Subject: RE: [xsl] XML FAQ 4.3
From: "Mike Schinkel" <mikes@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 19:44:54 -0400

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Subject: [xsl] XML FAQ 4.3

Version 4.3 of the XML FAQ (September 2005) is now available at:

The printable (PDF, PS) versions will be updated later.

Updates this quarter:

	What is XML *for*?
	More on the Prolog
	Minor corrections to details of parsing and validation
	More examples of use of CDATA
	Added details of reserved words to section on special characters
	New section on conditional XML
	New section on Infrequently Asked Questions (glossary of
		that occasionally get asked about)

Upcoming next quarter:

	XML Pipelines (deferred)

Please report all errors and problems to me by email to the address
xmlFAQ@xxxxxxxxxxxx  By all means also post queries to the newsgroups
and mailing lists, but please copy them to me also if you want them to
be actioned.

If you are responsible for other lists, groups, or sites which link to
the old address ( I would be grateful if you
would update them. The old (uppercase) fragment identifiers are still in
place for backward compatibility, but if you link to the FAQ, please use
the new page structure.


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