Re: [xsl] Graphics scaling on XSLFO - need suggestions

Subject: Re: [xsl] Graphics scaling on XSLFO - need suggestions
From: "Jay Bryant" <jay@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 10:41:06 -0600
Hi all:

I am having issues with displaying graphics on the PDF
using XSLFO. A graphic measuring 7.5in by 8.35in gives
a "no space for element to recover" error while
generating the PDF using XSLFO. Can anybody point me
to a forum where I can post these kind of issues or
can anyone on this list give me some ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hi, Mina,

It would help if you would mention which FO processor you use, because the answer to your problem probably varies by processor. However, you can try a couple things that may work regardless of which processor you use. (Also, I assume that you are using the external-graphic element.)

First, try setting the content-width attribute to whatever width you want. The height should scale automatically. You can also try setting the width attribute (though that's really for the bounding box around the image).

This is the right place for FO questions, by the way. However, whatever processor you use very probably has a mailing list or forum where folks who know the quirks of that tool can provide more specific answers.


Jay Bryant
Bryant Communication Services

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