Re: [xsl] XHTML html validation

Subject: Re: [xsl] XHTML html validation
From: "M. David Peterson" <m.david@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 06:33:39 -0700
On Mon, 19 Feb 2007 06:09:17 -0700, Braum|ller, Hans <H.Braumueller@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Can you advice me the correct declaration for client-side, browser-based XSLT,
if i want output either HTML or XHTML ?

<xsl:output .../>, as Abel points out, is meaningless (for all intents and purposes, anyway) in the browser-based world of XSLT. This seems like a pretty long thread, so I'm not sure I would be able to locate what it is you are having problems with, but I'd be happy to help if you could let me what it is you are attempting to accomplish and what's going wrong thats keeping you from being able to accomplish it.


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