RE: [xsl] Getting a list of node Text()

Subject: RE: [xsl] Getting a list of node Text()
From: "Houghton,Andrew" <houghtoa@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 19:09:52 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [xsl] Getting a list of node Text()
> On 20/06/2007, at 8:51 AM, Houghton,Andrew wrote:
> > I think you are over thinking the problem.  If all you want is the
> > text from all the elements named Calculation then you
> should be able
> > to do:
> >
> > ./descendant-or-self::Calculation/text()
> Thanks, but in my testing this only returns the first
> Calculation node, not all of them.  I need all of them in a
> return separated list...

Exactly how did you test it?  I would think the following would
return all the nodes, but its late and I might be under thinking
the problem...

<xsl:sequence select="./descendant-or-self::Calculation/text()"/>


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