RE: More XSL Discussion

Subject: RE: More XSL Discussion
From: Matti Katajamaki <matti@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 18:05:57 -0800
In this discussion I'm more interested of the expression power than an exactly 
proper syntax at this point.

XSL already has constructs that always match, like <target-element/>. So I 
don't see anything bad in pattern matching with "zero or more" and "zero or 
one" constructs.

Perhaps more close to XML syntax would be to add a new qualifier "count", for 

<element type="list">
	<element type="item" count=CountDef>
		<target-element ....>

where CountDef can be:
- "any"
- positive integer
- constant
- function


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Matti Katajamaki wrote:
> Why not generalize the idea to express the number of target elements using 
> ?, + and * operators, for example:
> <rule>
> <target-element type="LIST"/>
>         <target-element type="ITEM"+/>
>         ... action part
> </rule>

The ? and * operators match lambda, so this rule would *always* be
triggered in LISTs. Also, the syntax is not valid XML anymore.

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