Re: Attribute Value Templates?

Subject: Re: Attribute Value Templates?
From: Tyler Baker <tyler@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 00:59:42 -0400
James Clark wrote:

> Tyler Baker wrote:
> >
> > In section of the most recent XSL spec:
> >
> > "In an attribute value that is interpreted as an attribute value
> > template, such as an attribute of a literal result element, string
> > expressions can be used by surrounding the string expression with curly
> > braces ({}). The attribute value template is instantiated by replacing
> > the string expression together with surrounding curly braces by the
> > value of the string expression."
> >
> > It does not say anything about where attribute value templates can occur
> >
> > other than in a literal result element as far as I can see.
> In each case where an attribute value template is allowed, the spec says
> so explicitly.
> The complete list of cases where it is currently allowed is:
> - literal attributes of literal result elements
> - number to string conversion attributes on xsl:number
> - value attribute of xsl:arg
> - default attribute of xsl:macro-arg
> - value attribute of xsl:define-constant
> James

Thanx for the info.  This is kind of how I read it, but for whatever reason
this all did not seem cleae to me.  I assume the spec will probably change for
better or worse in the very near future, so I guess these sort of specific
questions are all much about nothing for the time being.

Thanx anyways for the clarifification...


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