template for XLink processing

Subject: template for XLink processing
From: "Vun Kannon, David" <dvunkannon@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 12:03:05 -0500
	Even though XLink is still a WD, I'm trying to work out some of the
implications. It seems to me that a transform should try to respect the show
and actuate attributes, at least where actuate="auto", meaning that the link
should be traversed automatically. 
	Assuming actuate="auto" for the moment, the choices for show are
"new", "replace", and "parsed". "New" in the UI context means show the
content in a new browser window. Should a new transform process be spun up
(new source document, same stylesheet)? "Replace" in a UI means (obviously)
replacing the first content with the new content. Should the transform kill
itself, trash the result tree and proceed as in the "new" case with a
replaced source and same stylesheet?
	Most interestingly, "parsed" seems to be an inclusion mechanism.
Should the transform use the document() function or similar techniques to
extend the source node tree with new nodes?

	My interest is drawn to these questions because I am working on a
DTD currently that does not use containment to represent structure. Rather,
documents are sets of atoms and arcs. Atoms contain content, arcs are empty
linking elements. My current design for arcs looks like:

	This is very similar to XLinks Arc element. The difference is that
XLink Arcs are about traversal semantics as well as about structure. If I
adopt XLink in my design, I feel that the correct actuate value is "auto".
I'm not sure about show and what should be done with it.
David vun Kannon

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