RE: Netscape 6 lack of XSL support

Subject: RE: Netscape 6 lack of XSL support
From: "Timm, Sean" <STimm@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 07:27:42 -0600
The article this quote came from is dated October 1998, so it is the future.
:)  XSL(T) is *now*.  I hope that the Mozilla and/or Netscape developers
realize the urgency of this need.

- Sean T.

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Subject: Netscape 6 lack of XSL support

Here are some quotes from

> Rather than supporting the formatting of XML documents through CSS1,
Microsoft has chosen to focus on formatting through XSL. As Tim Bray, a
co-editor of the XML specification has noted:

> "Microsoft's XSL efforts are very impressive, but (readers will pardon us
being something of a broken record on this subject) XSL is in the future."

> He further adds, "It seems obvious to me that for anyone who wants to
deploy XML in production mode right now, XML + CSS is the way to go."

I think these are absurd statements! CSS is far too limited to use for
presenting XML documents. It has zero transformation capabilities! Without
the "content" feature of CSS2 it cannot add new content to the output. It
can't sort. It can't reorder content. I've got to wonder if Tim Bray really
said that last line, "XML + CSS is the way to go".

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