Re: Netscape 6 lack of XSL support

Subject: Re: Netscape 6 lack of XSL support
From: Keith Visco <kvisco@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 13:55:43 -0700

"Timm, Sean" wrote:
> The article this quote came from is dated October 1998, so it is the future.
> :)  XSL(T) is *now*.  I hope that the Mozilla and/or Netscape developers
> realize the urgency of this need.

The realization is there and has been for quite some time now, and you
can download and tryout the standalone version of the Mozilla XSLT
processor if you like. It's in the CVS. The integration is very close,
and we hope to see integration by M16. If we can do this, there is a
good chance of getting XSLT into the Netscape 6 beta 2 or the final


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