RE: Unicode in xsl

Subject: RE: Unicode in xsl
From: "Selva, Francis" <Francis.Selva@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 09:25:57 -0700
      Im not saying this as a problem.I was just agreeing with Mike.If I had
thought this as a problem,I would have definitely directed a mail to
xsl-list-owner.The reason I was saying that is cause sometimes I send
something which comes to me very late.And by that time,I get some idea about
what I asked.Ofcourse these days I have started to explore more before
posting any questions :) What if someone has some simple question which
he/she badly needs the answer immediately.Sometimes ppl come here asking for
sites where they can check about XSLT with examples.Those are simple
questions but that can help them a lot.That's why I was wondering about the
speed of our emails.Im sure that there should be a better way to make this

Im also privileged to be in this list. :)


> Since I don't manage the list, I don't watch its performance and can't
> really address this. Any questions or suggestions about list operation
> should be directed to xsl-list-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I can say that we are a small shop, but that nonetheless we 
> regard running
> this list as a privilege and take it very seriously. Is this really a
> problem? (My own turnaround time tends to be slow because 
> e-mail to me goes
> through a _very_ circuitous path. I actually find a little 
> latency helps
> check me from being too impulsive in my submissions. 'oh 
> yeah?' you say.)
> Respectfully,
> Wendell

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