can we use html objects in xsl

Subject: can we use html objects in xsl
From: sivaji <sivaji@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 14:14:57 -0700
HI all,

I am a new guy to this list , I have browsed through hundreds of xsl
examples ,
but I could not find any where we can use html objects like list boxes,
text boxes

lets say we have a xml like
<groupinfo >
<name > users </name>
<ids> <id> 111</id>
    <id > 222</id>
<id> 333<i/d >

I want the html ouptut like

<input = text , name = "name" value = "user">
<select name = id>
<option value = 111>111
<option value = 222>222
<option value = 333>333

I would appreciate if u could give some hints atleast , i am really
worried , any
type of comments are apprecited.


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