Re: General question, is it possible to? (DHTML & grouping)

Subject: Re: General question, is it possible to? (DHTML & grouping)
From: Dan Morrison <dman@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 01:16:22 +1200
Pål Steven Eriksen wrote:
> Problem then is if I have many news headlines I have to scroll down to click
> on news headline and then up again to read it (if it's at the bottom).

Approaching the problem in point, and not the job you describe, I'd
consider an alternative...

Seeing as you're committed to DHTML anyway, why not position the text
relative to the headline?

OnClick for the headline, find its y-position, and place the article in
the second column at the same height.

I guess this might not be quite right if you click on a title that's
already at the bottom of the screen, so maybe you want to calculate the
page-relative y needed to place the text so it starts from the top of
the visible screen. That way you use all the available space, and can
scroll down to see the rest if it's long!

(I was about to draw some ascii-art, but decided not to this time.)

(You're welcome)

That's just the first thought I had given this task. 

Your 'bunches of ten' idea sounds fine, and could be an interesting and
different XSL exercise, but would /probably/ be harder than using DHTML
here. The DHTML needed to get the grouping going would be pretty tricky
in itself.

Just another way of looking at it,


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