RE: [xsl] adding unparsed entities

Subject: RE: [xsl] adding unparsed entities
From: Stuart Brown <sbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 10:06:07 +0200
> I am transforming a document to TEI.2. TEI.2 requires that graphics (such
as JPEGS) be included using unparsed entities. 

> I assume there is no way to really add an unparsed entity to a result tree
> (except by using escaping, which I don't like to do). Am I correct? Has
> come across this problem?

Plenty of TEI users have come across this problem, and their solution is
almost always to ditch the entities and introduce a url= or href= attribute
using the TEI extensions mechanism. This solution will be (in all
likelihood) established in the new version of the TEI under development
(P5), and I'm pretty sure exists in TEI Lite. Sebastian Rahtz's TEI XSLT
stylesheets certainly already happily pick up a url= attribute as an image

Not an XSLT solution, I'm afraid, but a TEI one! I'd recommend anyway
holding out until the new guidelines are released as they'll constitute a
major change, not least dropping <TEI.2> in favour of <TEI>, the former
being a rather incautious name from version P2, which has stuck around until
P4 as until then releases were guaranteed not to break old docs.



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